Wall reinforcement is a form of foundation repair, which is often recommended for older buildings. 

In years gone by, it was common to build foundations using materials such as unreinforced concrete or cinder block. In older buildings, it’s relatively common to see walls bowing and leaning in due to the pressure exerted on the foundation walls by soil and water. If the walls become compromised, it may not always be possible to stabilize and restore the integrity of the structure using wall anchors. In this case, wall reinforcement may be recommended. 

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What Exactly is Wall Reinforcement?

If the walls in your home have started to crack or lean, this may indicate that the foundation walls are compromised. As a result of pressure loaded on the wall by soil and moisture, the walls start to bow and crack, and there’s a risk of buckling. If the wall is showing signs of significant damage, and the structure doesn’t have the integrity to move back to its original position with wall anchors, wall reinforcement may prove an effective alternative. 

With wall reinforcement, we use carbon fiber reinforcement straps to hold the foundation walls in place and prevent further movement. As well as fitting sturdy, strong straps, we can also install vertical steel beams, which run the length of the wall to provide additional support and prevent any further inward bending or leaning. 

When placing steel beams to reinforce the walls, it’s crucial to close any gaps between the wall and the beam with grout. This creates a tighter connection and ensures that the pole is attached right from the top to the bottom.

The Benefits of Wall Reinforcement

Many older buildings are vulnerable to foundation wall weakness due to the materials that were used in the construction process in decades gone by. If the foundation walls are compromised, the walls will continue to move and bend inwards, putting the structure at risk. If the walls are already bowing, or there are cracks, it may not be possible to stabilize them using wall anchors, and wall reinforcement may be recommended. 

Wall reinforcement is an effective, targeted foundation repair method, which helps to prevent further movement and protect the structure. We can use advanced carbon fiber straps or robust steel beams to secure the foundation walls and ensure that they stay firmly in place. With wall reinforcement, you’ll end up with safe, stable walls and you can enjoy peace of mind that the walls won’t continue to move.

How can I Find out More?

At Rhino Foundation Systems, we have extensive experience in installing wall anchors and utilizing wall reinforcement systems. If you’re concerned about the walls in your home, we’re here to help. All you need to do is give us a call or contact us online, and we can investigate the problem, assess the site, and discuss possible solutions with you. If wall reinforcement is the best course of action, our expert team will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to secure your home.

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