Utah is widely considered to be a desert state, and when the term, “desert” comes to mind, most people would not think of rain or snow. We all know that deserts are dry and lack humidity by definition, but, if you’ve lived in Utah, then you know that the state is anything but new to cold winters and the precipitation that follows.


Now, snow and rain aren’t problematic all year long. Utah experiences varying climates throughout each year, with hot and dry summers, and then patterns shift a complete one-eighty to almost eight months of frequent snow days and rainstorms. By understanding these patterns, it becomes fairly easy to understand when foundation repair companies really experience a surge in business; during the months when precipitation levels are at their highest.


Business in the more arid, desert-like areas in the southern region of the state usually increases alongside the fade to Autumn. The lack of business in these areas during the months in the middle of the year is mainly due to what is almost a universal absence of rain (let alone the presence of snow) in these areas. Of course, Salt Lake City, Provo, Heber, etc. are all no stranger to at least a small amount of rain during the Summer given their presence in the Northern half of Utah, but with St. George almost on the southern border in an extremely dry expanse of the state, it’s no surprise that there is minimal precipitation, even into the later and earliest parts of the year. Even still, there is of course an increase in precipitation during the Fall, Winter, and Spring in St. George, and the prominence of foundation repair increases until that rain/snowfall dissipates near the end of the Spring season.

The team at Rhino Foundation Systems works all throughout Utah, from Ogden to Salt Lake City, and– you guessed it– St. George. With over 50 years of experience and the go-to resource for foundation waterproofing and stabilization. We know full well of the variety of problems that may need resolving via foundation repair, and there will never be a single universal solution to the problems, but our job is to pinpoint the best strategy to combat the issue and get a team together to execute the technique, and ultimately rid a client of any foundation problems they may be dealing with.

What Services Do We Offer in St. George, Utah?

The services Rhino Foundation Systems offers aren’t restricted to be used in one area per se, although, the services to be used are entirely dependent on the situation at hand. For example, Basement Waterproofing can be used regardless of the region of the state, but it would be nothing short of unethical to waterproof a basement if the problem has to do with a broken slab of concrete on the walkway up to a home, because those aspects of a foundation have very little correlation. For a more detailed look at two of our most important services, see below this brief list of foundation repair options we offer in St. George:


  • Foundation Repair
    • Basement Waterproofing
    • Crawl Space Encapsulation
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Foundation Leveling
    • Helical Piers
    • Micropiles
  • Concrete Lifting
    • Concrete Leveling
    • Polyurethane Foam
    • Concrete Replacement

St. George Foundation Repair

Basement Waterproofing 

Concrete Leveling 

Concrete Repair 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for foundation repairs in St. George, Utah?

The cost of repairs is directly proportional to the extent of the damage to the foundation in question. Worst case scenario, your home is already in the process of sinking, which means some extensive work will need to be done to fix its suitability for living, and bring it back to a level position. This process can lead to prices that sometimes stretch even further than $15,000, which is of course not ideal if you are trying to save the most money on repairs. The best way to save money when it comes to foundation repair is to catch the issues early, often displayed in the form of cracks or small breaks in the housing material. Acting fast can cut the prices down to less than $5,000. Of course, that is still costly, but it is without a doubt better than the $15k required to fix what could be a sinking home. Remember, the quicker you reach out, the better.

What are the leading causes of foundation damage in St. George, Utah?

Of course, any number of things that cause damage to a foundation can happen in St. George. The severity and/or frequency of some of these causes is what varies. One of the biggest issues in St. George is flooding and leaking due to poor and improper basement waterproofing, and this issue is mainly prevalent during the latest and earliest months of the year because of the increased moisture during these times in the form of rain and snow. Given the climate in St. George, it isn’t uncommon to find that a home has had minimal work done to seal the basement from leaks because precipitation in the region is more infrequent than areas like Salt Lake City and Park City, and ironically, the flooding problems in St. George can be excessive for this reason. In St. George, it is best to have your foundation waterproofed just to be on the safe side. Other causes of damage to the foundation in St. George consist of shifting soil and uneven concrete foundation structuring.

In St. George, Utah, what can I do to keep my foundation well maintained?

Inspect the base of your house near the foundation for cracks frequently, especially after a period of rain washes over. Inconsistencies in the moisture level around a structure can cause the soil to move around and cause the house to experience leaks or sinking. Additionally, it is ideal to install and maintain a drainage system for water to flow away from the foundation for that same reason, and this is even more important if the soil leading to your home slopes slightly inward rather than outward. Keep trees far enough away from your house, as their roots can grow and affect the foundation. It may be in your interest to install a root barrier to avoid this potential issue. Finally, make sure to have the plumbing of your home inspected at least once per year.

How long will it take for my foundation to be repaired in St. George, Utah?

Much like the cost of repairs, the length of time a company like Rhino Foundation Systems will need to perform the repair process primarily depends on how excessive the damages are. On average, it is found that the average number of days needed for repairs ranges from 1-3 days, although, this is of course subject to change depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.