The weight of a building can cause foundations in Utah to sink or settle if placed on unstable soil. Signs that your foundation is in danger include: cracks in brick, stucco, sheet rock, or windows and doors not properly closing.

Rhino Foundation Systems has had over 30 years experience in repairing foundations. Below are five methods we have perfected to repair sinking foundation, and prevent damage for years to come.

Call one of our qualified Rhino Foundation Systems employees to schedule your free estimate and find what method of foundation repair is best for your home.

Rhino Reviews

Teresa White
Teresa White
Joel came out to give me a quote on my sinking basement floor. He was on time, professional, and thoroughly explained the process of fixing my basement floor.
Jeff Terry
Jeff Terry
I had some leaking in my cold storage, had Rhino come out and Joel A was professional, knowledgeable, and honest. He determined the source of the leak then offered advice on a quick DIY fix which might be the best route and likely didn’t need Rhino for the time being. I didn’t end up using Rhino but you’re going to get an honest opinion from them and if I ever have issues requiring a professional then I’m definitely calling them.
James H
James H
Joel promptly came to do an estimate on an RV pad that has slowly been sinking. He provided a quick and professional estimate, explaining options, and asked if there were any other questions or concerns while he was there. I remembered a couple of questions on a couple of cracks in the sheet rock in our house, and a few floor areas that creak and he again quickly diagnosed that it was normal settling of about 1/2" at the back of the house. There was no pressure to go with them, and I was impressed he didn't try to sell me the moon when showing him other possible concerns. Instead I left the exchanged relieved that thankful for the professional opinion. He was professional and personal and I am very impressed with Rhino!
Michael Kussavage
Michael Kussavage
Estimator was on time and very informative!

Thanks Joel.

Rick Frost
Rick Frost
Brandon and his helper did a great job, kept me informed of their progress, and stayed within their estimated timing. I can certainly recommend these guys for concrete lifting projects.
Tracy Zitting
Tracy Zitting
Great service from some great guys. Thank you again Brendon, talon, and steve
jeff zitting
jeff zitting
Brendon, talon, and steve all did great work fixing my foundation leak in a very reasonable time
Rebecca Parkinson
Rebecca Parkinson
Great company! Don’t hesitate to use them. Were recommended to me originally. Brendan and Talon are really professional and definitely experts at what they do. Would recommend them to anyone.
Brad C.
Brad C.
Awesome. What more can I say?

Basement Waterproofing

Save your basement from water damage, mold and insect infestations. Methods for waterproofing your basement include interior sealants, water drainage, and exterior sealants. One of our expert Rhino Foundation Systems technicians can help you find what method is best for your home.

Helical Piers

Similar to a jack under your car, helical piers push against the ground to lift your home. Helical piers transfer weight from the unstable soil under your structure to deeper load bearing strata. If you have fragile areas in your foundation’s soil and need quick installation, helical piers may be right for you.

Push Piers

Push piers can help lift a structure’s foundation back to its original position. Available for year-round installation, these strong steel piers can bear up to 100,000 lbs of capacity. Rhino Foundation Systems offers two types of push piers, call us today to find out which is best fit for your structure.

Wall Anchors

If your foundation walls are bowing or cracked, wall anchors are an effective solution. Rhino Foundation Systems will first install heavy metal plates outside your foundation wall. Second, we’ll connect each plate to a wall plate on your foundation inner wall with steel rods.

Wall Reinforcement

If your foundation’s wall does not have the structural integrity to be repaired with wall anchors, wall reinforcement is a great alternative. Best for older structures, wall reinforcement straps can be installed on your structures foundation to keep it in place.


How much does it cost to repair a foundation?

The price range is primarily determined by what needs to be done for the repairs.


If your home is sinking, the pricing at Rhino Foundation Systems is on average approximately $16,000. The final pricing of the work done generally depends on the following factors (though, said price is not limited to just these factors): 


  • Size of the home/building
  • Quantity of piers needed
  • The type of piers needed or best suited for the repair


If your home has a leaking foundation or crawl space, we have found that on average you will pay $2,600 to repair your foundation. Once again, this is almost entirely dependent upon the extent of the damage to your foundation.

What should I ask a foundation repair contractor?

First of all, keep in mind that Google doesn’t rank contractors based on their time in business, if they are insured properly, or if they answer their phone when you call with a problem. 

Those are all good places to start when you are interviewing contractors to repair your foundation. 

Ask the potential foundation repair candidate how long they have been in business as a step towards ensuring quality; Getting what was paid for is important, so do some preemptive research to cover your bases. It is not uncommon to come across a foundation repair contractor whose warranty is longer than they have been in business.

Something important to note is that insurance for a foundation repair company who offers foundation piers is incredibly expensive. Most foundation repair companies only have a General Liability policy, which DOES NOT cover claims against foundation repair. MAKE SURE you ask your potential foundation repair candidate if they have SPECIALTY coverage for installing foundation piers.

This next one isn’t so much of a question as it is a test for your future contractor. Don’t be afraid to bug them before you commit. Try to get an Idea of how they treat their customers. Do they get back to you in a timely manner? Do they show up on time for appointments? Communication is a company culture issue. If you don’t get good communication from one person, don’t expect to receive it from someone else.

Can foundation Repair affect the value of my home?

The simple answer is that it really depends, though that may not answer some questions consumers may have.


To start, just like any other repair needed for your home, there will be a cost. Whether the home needs a new roof or the foundation to be repaired, your potential buyer is going to get a quote to fix what needs to be fixed and either ask you to lower the price of the home accordingly, or have you pay for the repair before they purchase the home. 


In our experience, there is a bit of a stigma that comes with a home needing the foundation repair. This could potentially narrow the demographic of who is willing to purchase your home. Much like a home with only a single car garage would not sell to someone who wants a two car garage, there are only certain people who are willing to live in a home that has had the foundation repaired. While this really has a minimal effect on the overall value of the home, it may harm the marketability of the home, making it more difficult to find a potential buyer.


What can be done in the end? Well, for starters, if your home’s foundation needs to be repaired, choose a company that will go to bat for you when the buyers have a question. We have helped sell many homes over the years by explaining to the potential buyers that we stand by our work, and we have been in business for over half of a century. Rhino Foundation Systems will even meet your potential buyers at the property to explain what we did to the property and educate them on the process and materials.

Can you live in a house during foundation repair?

You most certainly can!


In fact, we recommend that you stay in the home while it is being repaired. For one, it will save you money by not having to get a place to stay and eat out for each meal. The other benefit is you can watch the work being performed and become familiar with the process should the problem present itself again with the same house or an entirely separate building somewhere else down the line.


Foundation repair cost per pier.