The weight of a building can cause foundations in Utah to sink or settle if placed on unstable soil. Signs that your foundation is in danger include: cracks in brick, stucco, sheet rock, or windows and doors not properly closing.

Rhino Foundation Systems has had over 30 years experience in repairing foundations. Below are five methods we have perfected to repair sinking foundation, and prevent damage for years to come.

Call one of our qualified Rhino Foundation Systems employees to schedule your free estimate and find what method of foundation repair is best for your home.


Basement Waterproofing - 12 years
Helical Piers - 10 years
Push Piers - 8 years
Wall Anchors - 7 years
Wall Reinforcement - 7 years

Basement Waterproofing

Save your basement from water damage, mold and insect infestations. Methods for waterproofing your basement include interior sealants, water drainage, and exterior sealants. One of our expert Rhino Foundation Systems technicians can help you find what method is best for your home.

Helical Piers

Similar to a jack under your car, helical piers push against the ground to lift your home. Helical piers transfer weight from the unstable soil under your structure to deeper load bearing strata. If you have fragile areas in your foundation’s soil and need quick installation, helical piers may be right for you.

Push Piers

Push piers can help lift a structure’s foundation back to its original position. Available for year-round installation, these strong steel piers can bear up to 100,000 lbs of capacity. Rhino Foundation Systems offers two types of push piers, call us today to find out which is best fit for your structure.

Wall Anchors

If your foundation walls are bowing or cracked, wall anchors are an effective solution. Rhino Foundation Systems will first install heavy metal plates outside your foundation wall. Second, we’ll connect each plate to a wall plate on your foundation inner wall with steel rods.

Wall Reinforcement

If your foundation’s wall does not have the structural integrity to be repaired with wall anchors, wall reinforcement is a great alternative. Best for older structures, wall reinforcement straps can be installed on your structures foundation to keep it in place.