Concrete leveling is a technique that can be used to level uneven concrete surfaces by stabilizing the foundation on which the concrete lies. If you have a concrete driveway, for example, and some slabs are higher or lower than others, concrete leveling can be employed to create a smoother, safer, more aesthetically-pleasing surface.

Why would I need concrete leveling?

When you lay down slabs of concrete, they sit on soil, which is prone to changes over the course of time. The weather, fluctuating levels of moisture, and alterations in the composition and compaction of the soil can all cause the concrete to move and shift. Concrete settlement is a relatively common problem, which can cause slabs to sink and become uneven and unstable. 


One major risk factor for concrete settlement is erosion. In the vast majority of cases, soil erosion is caused by water, which is present due to the position of gutters and drains. If your rain gutters and drains are directing water underneath the concrete slabs, this can cause problems. If the slab is too low, the water flows from a higher to a lower area, bringing the weak soli along with it. If the soil is too wet, it can also cause compaction, and the slabs will start to settle and sink. 


If you have noticed that some of the concrete slabs in your yard or driveway have settled, and the surface is uneven, the best thing to do is seek professional advice to establish the root cause. In many cases, settlement occurs as a result of the position of the downspout, and the direction in which it takes water. If the downspout is close to a concrete walkway or driveway, using an extension pipe can help to prevent water from flowing and pooling underneath the concrete surface. You can buy these pipes from home and hardware stores. It’s also essential to avoid buying pipes that have any small holes in them to contain the water and prevent leaks.

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What does concrete leveling involve?

To level concrete and create a smoother, more even surface, we pump a specially formulated material under the concrete. This 4-part mixture fills every void, lifting the affected areas and providing a strong, robust, level surface. 


When leveling concrete, it’s essential to ensure that enough material is pumped under the concrete surface. Some companies will attempt to use less to reduce their costs. At Rhino Foundation Systems, we are committed to delivering optimum outcomes, and we use as much material as required to ensure the results last as long as your concrete.

How long do the results last?

The duration will depend on whether the root cause has been addressed. If it has, and you’ve sought expert advice from Rhino Foundation Systems, the concrete should remain in place indefinitely. 


If your driveway is uneven, or you’re worried about concrete settlement, we can help. We use tried and tested, precision techniques to deliver results that last. To find out more or get a free estimate, give us a call today!


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