An uneven concrete surface can impact curb appeal, as well as compromise safety. If you have a driveway or walkway that has sunken or settled concrete slabs, you might be considering replacing the concrete, but this is not your only option. Concrete lifting and leveling offer alternatives, which can save you money,enhance the aesthetic of your home, and reduce the risk of accidents. 

At Rhino Foundation Systems, we have many years of experience in undertaking concrete leveling and lifting projects, and we use a proven lifting process to deliver incredible results. Over the years, we have tackled a wide range of jobs, and our expert team knows exactly what is required to achieve a flawless finish.

Our Process

To produce the best results, we use a step-by-step lifting process, which involves:


Once we have established the client’s objectives and inspected the site, we will use a long drill to create a hole in the concrete. The opening will be no larger than a dime, and it will enable us to access the ground beneath the concrete slabs. This hole will be filled afterwards for a clean finish!

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Once the hole has been created, we place a gun inside the opening and start pumping polyurethane foam. We stagger the pumping action to let the foam flow in increments.It takes 15-20 seconds for the foam to fully expand underneath the slab. Pumping in bursts is crucial to ensure there is no excessive lifting.


As the polyurethane foam expands, it fills voids and pushes against the soil. This pressure causes the concrete to lift, evening out the surface.

Once the foam has been pumped underneath the concrete, the results will become visible within minutes. You should have full use of your path or driveway on the same day.

What are the Advantages of Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting offers an alternative to replacing concrete slabs that have either settled or become sunken as a result of weak soil foundations, soil erosion or changes in moisture levels in the ground. Rather than paying for new slabs, you can even up the surface using our expert concrete lifting process. In a matter of hours, you’ll have full use of your driveway, the surface will look fantastic, and you can pocket that saved cash!

At Rhino Foundation Systems, we utilize the latest equipment, materials, and techniques to produce incredible results at affordable prices. If you are thinking about replacing uneven slabs, it’s worth exploring concrete lifting. The process is quick and simple, and the results last for years. 

If your driveway is scattered with sunken concrete slabs, why not call us and see how we could help you? Our lifting process is proven to work, and the procedure is seamless and stress-free. If you have any questions, or you’d like a free estimate, contact us today. We can discuss your individual project in detail, give you more information about the process, and tell you what you can expect by choosing concrete lifting!

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How long will the process of concrete lifting take?

Unlike a full concrete slab replacement, concrete lifting is a fairly speedy process. The three step process will usually not take much time, generally in the range of several hours for a single lift. If multiple slabs need to be lifted into place, the process may take a bit longer, but the time necessary to complete this task rarely ever extends to a full day at most.

Can all concrete be lifted?

Most concrete slabs can be lifted to the proper position. The only time this is really not the best option, and replacement might be the better way to go, is when the slab has too many cracks/fractures that are too close together, as it could fall apart during the process, and then the cost of replacement might just be a necessity at that point. Otherwise, most concrete slabs can be lifted to the best possible position.

Will the lifting process resolve water drainage issues?

Lifting will change the angle of the concrete slab, and as a result, change the direction of water runoff, but it is important to note that concrete lifting is not basement waterproofing, and if that is one of your concerns, you should also be reaching out to a foundation repair company to come take a look and see if your basement could use waterproofing. In short, it will not completely solve your problems if water drainage is an issue, but it will help take away from the problem.

How much will the repairs of the lifting process cost?

The cost of lifting is less expensive than a full replacement, generally cut by a large margin, sometimes even around half the cost. This is because the process is far more simple and the equipment needed to perform this kind of repair does not involve anything overly large or heavy like a replacement often may need.