Salt Lake City Deck Case Study

Here you can find information on the Salt Lake City Deck project, as well as get an account from the Rhino himself Troy. 

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Troy :

Okay this is a pretty unique project we did in Salt Lake City. The homeowner wanted to add a deck to the back of his house. The uniqueness of this is that there were a lot of big trees around where he wanted this deck, and in order to put concrete footings in for this deck, it’d require cutting up the roots of these trees, and they were worried that they’d lose them. The trees had been here for many years.

Anyhow, we were called to see what solutions we could provide for the homeowner. It was first thought that we would use helical piers, and screw those into the ground to leave the pile sticking up in the air, and they would build a frame that we could connect directly to those, so the deck would be suspended on those piles. We wouldn’t have to dig trenches for the footings and the foundation, nor would they.

The trick was, I knew that this area of Salt Lake has a lot of rocks not too far under the soil, and when they suggested to use helical piers, I thought that it would be kind of a risky option in the sense that these piles really needed to be dead center where they mark them, and they had like half an inch of tolerance that the pile could be off and still fit well to the framing. With a helical pier, when you are turning it in the ground, if you hit a rock, it can make the pier walk 3 to 6 inches depending on how big the rock is. It can be a nightmare. So, we decided that we would use the driven pile because we can put those on a dime, and even if we hit rock, it pretty much stays right where it needs to be. We can use it in low clearance situations, so we were able to get around the trees and get up close where we needed to, and it turned out to be spot on. 


We put those piles where they needed them to fill this deck, so the architect and engineer were super impressed, and I think we built some long term relationships because of what we were able to do.