What Is Concrete Repair?

The material of choice for almost all construction projects is concrete. As you may know, it’s durable, versatile and it works well as an excellent base material for sidewalks and home foundations. It can last for several years and withstand a lot of pressure, but when it hasn’t been installed properly, concrete can crack, split and scale. While Salt Lake City concrete repair may seem like something you can fix yourself, it’s always better to leave it to the professionals in Rhino Foundation Repairs.

Concrete repair involves fixing a hardened surface which has, over time, lost its ability to stay together. This can happen due to both the risk environmental exposure has on concrete and the possible damage from outside factors. With concrete repair, you can be sure that cracks, physical impacts and chipped surfaces is fixed up in no time at all!

Which Concrete Repair Do You Need?

Your concrete issue has many different repair options. We can recommend some repairs to you, but you need to know what those are so you can tell the difference. The fix in Salt Lake City concrete repair for your home foundations may differ from the Salt Lake City sidewalk repair – which is why knowing the difference is important.

  • Surface issues like chips and splits are usually solved by the application of concrete coatings. It can cover the issue and enhance the look of the existing concrete
  • Deeper issues may require a complete re-pour, and that can be pricey depending on the size of the job. While the cost is a factor, if it’s the best thing for your Salt Lake City concrete repair, that’s all that counts!
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How Long Does Salt Lake City Concrete Repair Take?

The time it takes to repair concrete really depends on the type of repair necessary. Decorative concrete repairs can take a lot less time than a complete repour. Asking the experts is the best thing to do, as we can assess your concrete issue and ensure that you get the best Salt Lake City concrete repair available to you.

Why Salt Lake City Concrete Repair Is Important

When you live in the mile-high city of Salt Lake City, concrete repair is an inevitability. We enjoy beautifully snowy winters, but we also get days of UV exposure that can wear your concrete surface. Environmental impact is one of the reasons that we mentioned earlier, and it’s why Salt Lake City sidewalk repair would be the right thing for you to go for.

Concrete is supposed to be a stable material, but even concrete can suffer cracks and leveling concerns. Discoloration can happen over time, and all of this together makes for unsafe and ugly concrete and it doesn’t take long for it to happen.

Why You Would Need Concrete Repair

There are plenty of reasons behind needing Salt Lake City concrete repair and these include:

  • Wear and tear over time from cars and other vehicles on the road can damage concrete driveways.
  • Tree roots growing under the sidewalk so Salt Lake City sidewalk repair would be needed, too. The tree roots can cause the concrete to lift and shift, which leads to unsafe sidewalks.
  • Weather-related issues can cause the concrete to split and move, which then requires Salt Lake City concrete repair.

Without repairing concrete, especially on sidewalks, there is a case for injury if someone hurts themselves. This can be costly and difficult to manage and the cost of these cases would likely be more than what you would have spent to repair the concrete in the first place. If you have concrete damaged in the foundations of your home, you could be risking the structural integrity of the whole house. Checking your homeowners insurance policy for coverage here!

In Salt Lake City, there is an ordinance that states that Salt Lake City property owners are responsible for the maintenance of any sidewalks adjacent to their property. So, you may need to turn to Rhino Foundation Repairs for your Salt Lake City sidewalk repairs. If there has been any major damage to your sidewalks or your concrete driveway, you need to know that you’re not breaking any code violations and your insurance policy, or a crack in the sidewalk could become a very costly mistake.

Selling your house? You need to consider whether people want to buy a home with ruined concrete and cracked foundations. People will choose another Salt Lake City home if yours isn’t aesthetically pleasing due to Salt Lake City concrete repair. With our help, you can avoid breaking codes in your neighborhood and you can avoid an unsafe surface around your home.