What Is Concrete Leveling?

Also known as “slab jacking”, concrete leveling is the action of bringing concrete that is sagging or sunken back to a level surface again. Most of the time, you can call in the experts to drill a series of holes into sunken concrete. However, concrete leveling involves a lot of liquid (which resembles the thickness of mud) foam being pumped under the concrete through the drilled holes. The pressure of the mud being injected pushes up the concrete and remains in place to offer support once it’s up again. This then discourages the concrete sinking again later. Denver concrete leveling & raising results in a smooth concrete finish where the mud was pumped through the holes.

In some cases, concrete is poured onto the top of a sand base that has been compacted and often, it’s not compacted and settled enough before the concrete is poured out. This then leads to sand eroding over time. This then causes the sag in the concrete that we mentioned earlier. When this occurs, the concrete sits far lower than it was intended to originally, which then leads to water collection, broken and cracked concrete and further damage. Denver polyurethane concrete leveling can make a difference, and it’s a much more cost-efficient method of bringing the concrete back to the right height.

Why Concrete Leveling Is Important

When you are walking over concrete sidewalks and driveway areas near your home, you may not notice an uneven floor until you’ve fallen over. This is caused by sunken concrete, and it needs to be leveled. Here are some of the reasons that it’s most important to keep up with concrete leveling:

The Cost

Not of the concrete leveling, but the costs saved when you level the concrete rather than leaving it. Concrete leveling can cost you far less than replacement, and if people trip and sue? That’s a huge cost right there! Concrete leveling also involves the use of Denver polyurethane concrete leveling, which is cheaper to use as you uses less materials.

Increased Life

When you ensure that the concrete is leveled correctly, you increase the lifespan of the concrete you live on. If you leave cracks and holes in the concrete along with an uneven surface, you’re going to have a weaker surface that could require replacement entirely. Denver polyurethane concrete leveling can help to fill the cracks and keep it strong and stable for a long time.

Better Aesthetics

When you are dealing with uneven concrete across your footpaths, sidewalks and pathways, or you find holes across any of these surfaces, then no matter how beautiful the building in which you live or work, it will always decrease the aesthetics of the home. With the right Denver concrete leveling and raising techniques used, you can make the cracks invisible and enhance the beauty of the property itself.

Better Safety

If the first time you notice uneven floor when you fall over because of it, then it’s clear that the ground you are dealing with is unsafe. Broken concrete and sunken surfaces are harmful for pedestrians especially, as they can become distracted when they’re walking and result in an accident. Concrete leveling can keep people safe while they walk. With Rhino Foundation Repairs, you can get the best Denver concrete leveling & raising service in the area.

Saving Time

Broken cement can be fixed without moving benches, chairs etc outside out of the way, so you won’t waste any time in removing outdoor furniture to fix the cement.

These points are not limited, but they do explain the importance of concrete leveling as well as the benefits of it. There are plenty of ways to go about concrete leveling, and at Rhino Foundation Repairs, we’ll be able to talk you through how we plan to fix your uneven concrete issue. Concrete leveling is preferable to other methods, like concrete grinding, and this is because it gets to the roof of the concrete, filling the gaps that have led to sinking in the first place. We will carefully assess and fill the concrete foundation as well as the cracked or damaged areas. Concrete leveling does more than address the cosmetic issues with the concrete, it’s more affordable than replacement. It doesn’t create any major damage or other landscaping issues nearby.