When we experience issues such as concrete settling or shifting, many of us make the mistake of assuming that total concrete replacement is the only possible solution. Luckily, that’s not true. Concrete lifting is also a feasible option in the majority of cases like these. The question you’re left with, then, is which option would be best for your purposes?

Both of these services offer very different experiences. As such, considering the features of each is vital for ensuring that you don’t pay over the odds for something you don’t need. To help you decide which would be best for you, we’re going to take a closer look at the pros and cons of each.

Concrete Replacement


Concrete replacements have their pros, especially in extreme cases of repair. This is certainly the most reliable and perhaps only solution in cases of:

  • Excessive cracks (more than one per section)
  • Slab settlement of more than 8 inches
  • Concrete damage by tree roots
  • Poor structural integrity


That said, there are also a fair few cons to consider for this common concrete solution. The most notable ones include:

  • More expensive.
  • Time-consuming: Can take up to a week given that repouring rarely takes place on the same day and has lengthy curing times.
  • Requires a lot of labor: Demolition and removal require sizeable crews and heavy equipment.
  • Can ultimately damage landscaping.
  • Seasonal: Quickly or slowly evaporating moisture can result in bad pours. Temperature also affects the insulation of concrete more than any other building system.

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Concrete Lifting


Many homeowners prefer to turn to concrete lifting with the use of polyurethane foam whenever possible. The reasons for this preference include:

  • 50% cheaper
  • Takes less than a day
  • Less invasive to property
  • Only a small crew needed to cut dime shaped hole and inject foam under slabs. The foam then expands within 10-15 seconds to lift concrete
  • Immediate use after repair


In reality, the cons of concrete lifting as an alternative are limited, though there are some including:

  • Not suited to every case of concrete repair (see above)
  • A potentially shorter-term concrete repair solution

Overall, it’s plain to see that concrete lifting is often the best alternative. This repair method can save you time and money, as well as ensuring that your concrete slabs are back on top in no time. As mentioned, there are cases when repair is a better solution, but our team can perform concrete lifting applications in the vast majority of cases.

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