Driven Pile Case Study

Here you can find information on the Prime Machine Process, as well as get an account from the Rhino himself Troy. 

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Troy :

This project is located in Saratoga Springs, Utah. We used our segmented Driven Pile. This is a pile that we designed to go in before the home was built so it eliminates the necessity for a foundation repair in the future, and it will keep the house from sinking. In this part of Saratoga Springs in particular, it’s very common for houses to sink, because the soil is highly collapsible. For a lot of years, homes were built out here without much thought, and we have repaired and put piers under many of these houses. To help eliminate some of this headache for homeowners, we can install pre construction foundation piers, and they work out really well. 

In this case, as it happens pretty regularly, the contractor was building a home and he got the earth excavated out for hit footings and foundation. It is required by the city that the soil sample taken when the ground is excavated and ready for the footings and foundation is taken by a licensed geotechnical engineer to their lab, and they have the sample tested to see what its properties are. Is it going to fail when it gets wet? Is it going to collapse when it gets wet? Is it suitable to put a house on? Sure enough, much like a lot of other properties out in Saratoga Springs, the soil came back as highly collapsible, which means that if the soil was to get wet, then the home would sink, and or the house would collapse. Kind of a nightmare scenario for a homeowner, especially one that just paid a lot of money for a new home. We were contacted by the contractor, and made an appointment to go out and take a look. Sure enough, it was in an area that we knew the Driven Pile would work really well. About 18 feet down, there was this super hard bedrock layer, and everything between there isn’t very suitable. We went out and I think we had about 60 piers to install, and we were able to do it in 2 days, which is awesome!

The contractor was happy, it was reasonably priced. If we had to use a Helical Pier, which we had done in this area before we had this pier, it would have been much more expensive. The contractor was super excited. Turns out that he was actually helping his son build this home, so they were happy. We kept them on schedule. Probably not on budget, because nobody plans on these types of things when they’re designing their homes, but it wasn’t too bad really, and that house will never move, it’s in there forever. These piles we install are probably good for close to 100,000 pounds each, and that’s well over what the structure is going to weigh on top of the piles, so yeah, it was a really great project.