Fear strikes fast when there are earthquakes, flooding, or other unpredictable outside forces. Whether you have a foundation that is already compromised, or are worried about what might happen to a foundation without any issues.

Rest assured that there is a fix and it might be simpler than you think.

Carbon fiber straps and staples are an inexpensive and reliable way to repair cracks in your basement walls. It is quick and easy and will give you peace of mind when disaster strikes.

With carbon fiber you can tackle those leaks and cracks in your basement in a sitch. Don’t wait too long to have your foundation or basement inspected. Sometimes what you’re experiencing or seeing is a non-issue. Other times it could be something small that will inevitably lead to a bigger problem.

Be diligent about checking up on your foundation!

Take a walk around your house and look for:

  • Any cracks along the bottom of the house.

  • Brick separation.

  • Prominent cracks by doors or windows.

In the basement look for:

  • Any areas that may be damp.

  • Cracks along the walls.

*Remember, any amount of moisture, whether it’s damp or wet walls, or pools forming in the corner, is not a good sign.*

Make note of what you observe and then call a professional to come take a look. Any signs of settlement are worth looking into!

Whether a disaster strikes (like an unexpected earthquake), or you are simply noticing your foundation might be compromised, there is a solution.

Learn more about foundation repair options and how it might change your home’s life!