Alpine Garage Tiebacks Case Study

Here you can find information on the Alpine Garage Tiebacks project, as well as get an account from the Rhino himself Troy. 

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Troy :

The Alpine Garage Tiebacks job was in Alpine, Utah. The customer was having a problem with his garage wall foundation pushing outward. The home in particular has a walkout basement, and they carried that same low grade all the way under the garage so it left about 8 feet of exposed foundation wall under the framed garage walls.

For some reason the garage portion started to break away from the house portion where the basement goes, and it started to lean out, so what we did is we went up there, and we drilled holes in the foundation wall, and we pushed and we drilled micropiles through the wall back underneath the garage slab, and as we did that we also pumped grout through the bar. The soil was pretty gravelly, and sandy, so that grout mixture permeated the soil under the garage slab quite well. We were able to reach high capacities. Essentially, what we were doing in this scenario is tying that wall, and using that soil under the garage as an anchor/anchoring spot to tie the foundation wall in to. This would be classified as a soil mount. The uniqueness of this project is the fact that we were doing it on an existing structure, and tying a wall back that was tipping out. This wasn’t a typical soil stabilization on a hillside project, which is normally what we do with micropile tiebacks.

There was some innovation. We could have probably used the helical pier, however, to do that, we would have to cut larger holes into the wall, and so this just ended up turning out perfectly. We also had pretty limited access underneath. There were 2 piles that needed to go underneath the existing deck, and we were able to put the drill rig underneath that, pretty tied up to the spiral staircase that we had to work around. 


We managed to get it in there, and get the piles put in, and really, save the customer from having to pull his garage down and redo it. It was a good option for him, and it worked out really well. We were able to do that project in probably 2 days. We went up and we drilled the concrete, and then we came back and put the piles in, so it went pretty smoothly, and it worked out pretty well